Amanda Now Has A Blog


Amanda has used Twitter as a blog of sorts for quite the long time, but Twitter has announced to the public that their API was going to be unavailable for free users which breaks things like webhooks that Amanda made use of to automatically announce to the Amanda Discord announcements channel. This method allows us to do whatever we want and to say whatever we want. Not like we'd be breaking any laws or leaving any hot takes that would get Amanda cancelled on... Oh right.

With that though, Amanda's and Tsukiko's Twitter will be retired. Their accounts will still be left up for records and discoverability, but will receive no maintenance or activity.


This blog is backed by markdown files and your browser parses the md as html and puts it into a pretty little container. Amanda doesn't use any templating libraries like pug or anything like that and just has the browser load the md and parses it. Some level of templating is done on Amanda's end such as populating the list of blogs, but that's about it. The website almost exclusively makes use of static files, so this was a fun little challenge. Why I insist on using mostly static files is because of multiple reasons.

  1. I wanted to remove as much "tooling" as possible from my workflow
  2. Reduce server strain processing source files
  3. Being able to directly stream as much as possible to the browser with little abstraction

What to use this for

The goal is to ultimately replace Amanda's "need" for Twitter. We realistically didn't need Twitter since other platforms exist and are more attractive. We also wanted to be able to get into fine details should we want or need to without hacky solutions like twitlonger. Page formatting and styling is also super cool!

Have a cat girl for now.

Amanda, a red hair cat girl sitting at a desk while looking at a monitor and holding a computer mouse


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