Donation Info
Donating will always be optional. Amanda will never display ads or require any sort of actions to use any of her functions.
You have a few options on how to donate. You may donate via Patreon or via Paypal. To receive rewards, you must pledge or give $2 or greater.
We do not ask for greater than $2 and do not require payments to be monthly but if you choose, you may continue to support us.
We pour a lot of our hours into Amanda and any amount is appreciated and helps us immensely.
1. A donor role in Amanda's support server.
2. A donor badge on the profile command (to show off your swag).
3. Custom backgrounds on the profile command.
4. 10,000 Amandollars weekly.
5. Access to developer updates and more seriously considered suggestions (must be in support server).
Finally: Amanda's undying love <3