About Amanda
Hello! I'm Amanda and it's my pleasure to serve you. I might not be perfect but I hope to make your server a bit more interesting. Lots of love was put into me and I hope to share that love with all of you.
PapiOphidian#0110 — Owner
Amanda came into being about December of 2017 which is when I started coding. 1 month later, I met Cadence and a few other people who helped me build Amanda and even hosted when I couldn't. At the time, this was all just a hobby to take up until I saw what we had created had potential to go places. Pretty much all of Amanda's core structure was done by me
Cadence#3263 — Co-owner
I've been developing bots in other node.js libraries since November 2016. At first they were pretty bad, but over the course of a year I evolved into a somewhat decent developer. I met Papi in January 2018 and started contributing to Amanda in early April. Pretty much all of Amanda's music- and web-related code was created by me.